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  Colby WalkMac (The First Mac Laptop)


This is the famous Colby WalkMac that was on the cover of all the magazines. Customers ranged from the Grateful Dead rock band to Peter Jennings of CBS news. It was the first battery powered Mac and the first portable Mac with an LCD display. Many thousands of these were sold from1987 to1991, and before Apple came out with their portable, when anyone called Apple in search of a portable Mac, Apple gave them Colby's Phone number. Even when Apple came out with their portable, the WalkMac SE 30 continued to sell well because the first Apple Portable was way underpowered compared to the WalkMac SE30, which was based on the Mac SE 30 motherboard. The name was later changed to Colby SE30 after Sony threatened to sue over the name WalkMac because they said it was too close to Walkman.

Chuck Colby holding poster of the WalkMac

The Colby WalkMac was the first battery powered laptop MacIntosh. It was first introduced in 1986 and then later upgraded to the WalkMac SE30 when the Mac Se30 came out.

Wooden mock-up of the WalkMac
Wooden mock-up folding shut

Wooden mockup of the canonical modern laptop (circa 1982) open and folding shut

Prototype WalkMac
Prototype WalkMac

This prototype WalkMac was all aluminum construction and was the first portable computer that had a removable back-light for the LCD display.(1986) By unplugging the back-light unit, you could set the display on an overhead projector and project the screen image onto a large screen. This was later patented (wrongly) by someone from Taiwan.


Photos courtesy of DigiBarn