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1982-Present Design and Consultant Firm President for Colby Systems Corporation, Palo Alto, CA. Responsible for Technology Architecture, Product Design and Development of many high-tech products including: Portable Computers, MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 Video Recorders, CD, DVD and DVD-RAM Jukeboxes, Video and Media Storage and Retrieval systems, Cellular & Pots line Video-Modem™, Mission Critical Broadcast Servers and Workstations, Industrial Rack-Mount Pentium and Alpha Computers, Pocket Data Terminals, and Electric Vehicles.

Highlights of products invented and developed include: The first Home Satellite Receive Station, the first low-cost Telephone Answering Machine, the first low-cost wireless telephone, the first low cost TV camera, the first remote Tilt-Pan TV camera, the first Underwater TV Camera with 5000 ft capability, the first portable MS-DOS and Macintosh Computers, the first Rack-Mount PC, the first MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 Video Recorders, the first MPEG Video Transmission System over Cellular, ISDN and T-1&E-1 lines, the first DVD-RAM Jukebox, high-end Video Conferencing Systems, Wearable Computers with head-mounted Virtual Displays, Remote Control Counter-Rotating-Blade Helicopter with on-board TV camera, Magnetometer and GPS navigation, Robotic Control Systems, GO-Chair™ Electric Vehicle, and Video Phones, and Virtual Reality Devices, including wireless Video, GPS and data transmission, casino digital recorders and police car computers and digital video recorders and wireless camera systems.

Won top ten Best of Show award for MPEG-1 Video Recorder at 1994 National Association of Broadcasters Show and won again at 1996 NAB show for development of MPEG-2 Video Recorder. Also, holder of several patents. Many patents pending and author of numerous articles in a variety of technical trade journals.

Other experience includes: Sales, R&D, defining product development strategies, managing product ramp-up and roadmap-feature sets, full product budgetary control, and management of third party, sub-contractors and vendor relationships. 1998–1999 Design and Marketing Consultant for clients including: Sony Electronics, Mitsubishi Electronics, Digital Video Designs, AlphaBase Corp. and many others. Responsible for Product Development and Project Management, initial Marketing, and new product introductions, promotion and trade shows.

Senior Video Systems Design Engineer and Engineering Supervisor for Sony Electronics/Systems Integration Center in San Jose, CA. Responsible for design and testing of video and L-band RF systems for broadcast and satellite facilities, including overall design responsibly for the new five (5) million dollar Test bed for DirecTV Japan and A-Sky B Satellite Brodcasting networks. Supervised the entire Sony engineering department of 85 video systems design and software engineers.

1985-1987 Taught Business for Entrepreneurs courses, (part time), at Stanford University.

1989-1990 Taught Satellite Communications at several Movie Studio technical seminars, Hollywood, Ca

1978-1979 Communications Instructor for Special Agents, (part time), at the FBI Academy, Quantico, VA.

1977-1982 Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer of Microwave General Corporation, Mountain View, CA. Managed design and development of Television Uplink and Downlink Satellite Earth Station product line. Developed one of the first low-cost commercial Video Receive Only Earth Station and Portable Video Uplink Earth Stations. Installed Earth stations at many TV Stations and Broadcast facilities. Developed low-cost consumer C-Band Satellite Earth station for home use.

1966-1977 Senior Video Engineer And Video Product Manager for Ampex Corporation, Redwood City, CA. Designed and managed professional video products such as videotape recorders, video cameras, computer controlled video editing systems. Also designed complete video and audio production facilities, both fixed and mobile. Managed system integration projects for NASA, the US Army, US Navy, Eastern Airlines, and many commercial TV stations and video post-production houses.

Highlights include: Designed and built more than of 20 major broadcast and educational production systems for Ampex Corporation Special Products Group. Self-contained TV mobile production units delivered to the US Army at Fort Knox, Fort Rucker and Fort Sill. Closed-circuit television system for NASA Apollo Program, at Cape Canaveral, FL. Mobile TV production unit for National Teleproductions, purchased and used extensively by ABC Wide World of Sports.
Mobile TV production units for Transmedia Productions in New York, used extensively by ABC TV in field video productions. Color Corrector, Video Disc product, Computer-controlled Video Editing System, Complete, turnkey system design, installation and testing of UHF TV station, Channel 31, Sacramento, CA. and 100 Million $ TV station complex in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.


Bachelors of Science Degree in Electronics from California State University at Fresno, CA. Credits towards MBA. Many technical and management classes.
Technical classes attended include: MPEG, ATM, ADSL, IEEE 1394 Firewire, Fiber Channel, DSP, FPLA, NGIO, TCP/IP, H-320, H-323, T-120 Voice over IP, and Gigabit Routing and Switching, Bluetooth, cellular systems. Software classes and experience include AutoCAD, Douglas Cad for PCB Layout and Sheet-metal Layout, Word, Excel, Astound, Power Point, Visual Basic, Real Basic, C, C++, Delphi, Photoshop, Illustrator, PageMaker, Cyberstudio, Director, Premier, Java, Java Script, HTML, YK2 problem solving, WEB Page design, deployment, debugging, & performance testing; Fuzzy Logic, GUI design, Computer Telephony Technology, PIC Development.

Experienced using and supervising development of projects using Basic, DOS, Windows 3.1, 95, 98, NT, Linux and BE OS, Netscape, Internet Explorer on 386, 486, Pentium II, Pentium Pro, Xeon, Pentium III and Alpha platforms. Macintosh user since 1984.

Co-author of technical white paper on Computer Clustering. Author of technical paper on MPEG, DVD and DVD-RAM, published in both Television Broadcast and DVD Replicator magazines as well as numerous other technical articles.
Training in Broadcast Automation and Multi-Channel Broadcast Systems at the Systems Integration Center at Sony Electronics Headquarters in San Jose, CA. Trained on broadcast and digital video systems used by DirecTV, DirecTV-Japan, and A-SkyB Satellite Broadcast facilities.


Society of Motion Picture and Televison Engineers
Silicon Valley Robotics Society
Silicon Valley Model Helicopter SocietyPARTIAL LIST OF CLIENTS
NBC, ABC & CBS Television Networks (New York)
CNN Television Network (Atlanta)
PBS Television Network (Washington, DC)
RYE Television Network (Italy)
Bloomberg Financial Network (London)
News Channel 8 (Washington, DC)
Apple Computer (Cupertino, CA)
KHOU-TV (Houston, TX)
KOTV (Tulsa, OK)
KUSA, (Denver, CO)
KWTV (Oklahoma City, OK)
KTUL (Tulsa, OK)
KICU (Ch 36, San Jose, CA)
KETH (Ch 54, San Jose, CA)
KAKE-TV (Wichita, KS)
WISN-TV (Milwaukee, WI)
WGME-TV (Portland, ME)
San Francisco Airport Security Department (South San Francisco, CA)
Cellular One- (Atlanta, GA and Madison, WI)
Campbell Police Dept. (Campbell, CA)
San Jose Traffic Dept. (San Jose, CA)
BellSouth Cellular (Atlanta, GA)
AT&T (New York)
AVA (Tokyo, Japan)
Advanced Video Technology (Rome, Italy)
Richardson Electronics (Chicago)


Allegheny Power (Pennsylvania)
Geoffrey Industries (New York)
Time Lapse Corporation (Los Angeles)
Naval Air (New Jersey)
Fort Meade (Maryland)
Scandia National Labs (New Mexico)
Port Everglades (Florida)
Televisa (Mexico)
FBI (Washington, DC)
CIA (Washington, DC)
NSA (Washington, DC)
Bell Labs (New Jersey)
Missouri Dept Of Transportation (Jefferson City, MO)
Oregon Dept Of Transportation (Portland, Oregon)
Southern Pacific Railroad (Texas Border)
Rocky Mountain National Parks (FBI- Colorado)
Los Angeles Sheriff Dept (Los Angeles, CA)
City of Boca Raton (Florida)
Roseville Hospital (Roseville, CA)
USGS Geophysical Institute (Alaska)
Steve Wosniac, Co-Founder, Apple Computer
John Sculley, President, Apple Computer
Lee Feldenstein, Designer of Osborne Computer
Nolan Bushnell, Founder of Atari
George Foster, President, Foster Farms
Brett Leonard, Director of “Lawnmower Man” Movie
Francis Ford Coppola at Zeotrope Studios, Hollywood, CA
George Lucas at Skywalker Ranch, CA

National Association of Broadcasters, (NAB), Las Vegas, NV
IBC Broadcaster Show, Amsterdam
Montreaux Broadcast Show, Switzerland
Comtek Computer Show, Moscow, Russia
Computex Computer Show, Taipei, Taiwan
Consumer Electronic Show, Hong Kong
DVD Digital Video Show, Santa Clara
Telecon Videoconferencing Show, Anaheim, CA
DVD Digital Video Show, Santa Clara
Electric Vehicle Expo, Alameda, CA
DVD Digital Video Show, Santa Clara
Internet World Show, San Jose, CA
Linux World Show, San Jose, CA
Wescon, San Francisco, CA
Nepcon, Anaheim, CA
Comdex, Las Vegas, NV
RF Design show, San Jose, CA
Electronic Show, Osaka, Japan
Wireless System Show, San Jose, CA
Embedded System Show, Santa Clara, CA
Computer Telephony Show, San Jose, CA
MacWorld Computer Show, San Francisco, CA
Consumer Electronic Show, Las Vegas, NV
Wireless System Show, San Jose, CA
CAD Design Show, Santa Clara, CA
Vision Show, San Francisco, CA
Security Show, Los Angeles, CA
Sensors Expo, Santa Clara, CA
PLD Show, Santa Clara, CA
Altera System-On-A-Chip Seminar, San Francisco, CA
Teleconferencing Show, San Jose, CA