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  Technological Firsts

    Classmate™ Tablet Computer     IBM Clone Motherboard
Portable DOS machine PDA and Wearable Computer
Telephone Answering Machine Cassette Fast-Winder
Cantalope Grading Machine Home Satellite Earth Station
Low Cost TV Camera Police Hostage Phone
DVD Jukebox Police Radar Detector
Police CarMac Underwater TV Camera
Pocket Transistor Radio Video Modem
Portable Video Editor Pocket Data Terminal
Corded Keyboard/Trackball Low Cost 1" Sq TV Camera
Low Cost Digital Stopwatch Plasma Display Mac
Driver Awake Color Organ
Low Cost Video Earth Station Police Car DVR/Computer
Wireless Telephone Digital Airport Security System
Casino Recorder in Las Vegas Low Cost Video Conferencing System
Video Security System for NASA MPEG-2 Digital Video Recorder
MPEG-1 Digital Video Recorder Portable Mac
Mac Laptop Heads-up Display Mac
Tempest Mac Portable Pong
Video thru Cellular Transmission System Low Cost, Carry-on PeopleMover
Wireless 2-Way Video Conferencing System Ergonomic Robotic Controller
One way motion sensing switch Customized '49 Studebaker
TV production Van with 4 Channel Audio Citizen Band Walkie-Talkies
Hand Held Laser Pointer Robot with 4-way Articulating Wheels
Voice Activated Switch Portable Paging Center
Portable Video Editing System Colby DVR-5000
Mobile TV Units for the Army Telephone Remote Activation Switch
Color Videomodem VM-4 Wireless Video Cameras
Phone Card Dialer  
Soon to come: Video editing system using 2 " tape

TV Camera in Viewfinder of 35mm Film Camera Sing and Strum Wireless guitar Pickup
Scuba Slurp™ Gun Rack mount PC
Low cost folding motorized wheelchair Low-cost VideoPhone
Transportable Satellite Uplink Station Streaming MPEG Video via T1 Line System
  MPEG-2 Portable DVR   Low-Cost 360 Degree TV Camera