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  Colby DVR-5000


Main features and Benefits:

  •   Highest quality field-portable video recorder available
  •   Cost-effective direct replacement for high-end field-portable Digital Betacam™ or MII video tape recorders.
  •   No tape means no more clogged heads, dropouts, tape path cleaning, head replacement or maintenance.
  •   CD quality stereo audio
  •   Up to 6 hours of d1 4:2:2 quality storage (using MPEG -2) on 2 internal removable hard drives. (3 hours per drive)
  •   Sony standard remtore control emulation via 9 pin RS-422A port
  •   Available in 4 basic versions: JPEG, MPEG-1, MPEG-2 1/2 d-1 and Full D-1
  •   Easy upgrade path from one version to another