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  First Digital Casino Surveillience Recording System


Digital Casino Surveillience Recording System from Colby Systems Corporation

Professional Digital Video Recorder for the Casino Industry. The only Digital Video Recorder with an installed base on the Las Vegas strip.

Key Benefits
      * Small size saves space
      * Low price saves money
      * No tapes to change saves manpower and eliminates mistakes.

Specifications: MODELS:
DVR-168-RM-1- m1  (7 day storage) 1U high 19” Rack Mount DVR, MPEG-1 Single Channel
DVR-168-RM-1-m2  (7 day storage) 1U high 19” Rack Mount DVR, MPEG-2 Single Channel
DVR-168-RM-4-m2  (7 day storage) 1U high 19” Rack Mount DVR, MPEG-2 Four Channel
                     (Each channel is recorded at 30fps in MPEG-1 resolution)
POWER CONSUMPTION: 30 to 60 watts depending on mode l
AC INPUT:  (50 /60Hz) 115V – 5A to 10A, 230V – 5A to 10A
DC OUTPUT:  +5V=/ 15A to 30A,    +12V=/ 3A to 15A,    +3.3V=/ 12A to 28A,
                           -12V=/ 0.3A to 0.8A,    -5V=/ 0.5A,    +5VBS or +5Vs=/ 2A   
1 3.5mm stereo Audio Input / 3.5mm Stereo Audio Output (Both line level)
1 BNC Video Input / Looping BNC Video Output
FRAME RATE: (30fps )4 channel unit has 4 ea BNC input ports and no looping outputs
RESOLUTION : MPEG-1 320x240, 1⁄2 D1- 352x480, Full D1- 704x480
RECORDING METHOD: (MPEG Based)+( Colby Compression & Verification) = (MPEG / HYBRID)   

Brochure: front.pdf, back.pdf

Article about Colby DVRs at the Sahara: igwb.pdf


August 15,2002
To Whom it May Concern:
At the Sahara Hotel and Casino here on the Las Vegas Strip, we take pride in being an industry leader in many areas; recently and most notably, in our surveillance operations.
We have entered the 21 st century by replacing all of our VCRs with state-of-the-art Colby Digital Video Recorders (DVRs).
After conducting extensive research on digital video recording systems, we found Colby DVRs to be unequalled in their quality, reliability and cost effectiveness. The Colby concept of “simplicity” in both installation and software won hands down over the rest.
The Colby DVRs were installed without any disruption to our current operations. My non-computer oriented surveillance staff learned to use the system easily within hours. I have been a surveillance director for fifteen years and have purchased millions of dollars of equipment, none of which has been without problems. What compels me to recommend a company like Colby is how they handle on-going support. Colby customer support has been outstanding. Remember, this is the first and largest casino DVR installation of its kind in the world and the only DVR installation on the Las Vegas Strip.
It has been nearly two years since we installed Colby DVRs and we have received several software upgrades during that period. At all time, the units have been quietly performing flawlessly, 24/7. I couldn’t recommend a product any higher.
Thanks to the 400+ digital video recorders we have in operation, my staff can now spend their time doing what I hired them to do…”observe” instead of spending three hours of every shift changing tapes.
If that weren’t enough, I also now save my employer over one hundred thousand dollars a year in operational costs.
If you have any questions, please call me directly at (702) 633-7737 or at the Sahara Casino (702) 737-2319. I would enjoy showing you our installation.
Johnny Grimes, Director of Surveillance
P.S. Because of Colby’s unique CD Video File Verification Software, the Colby Systems software is the only digital recording system and software that has been accepted by the Nevada Gaming Board for video CD’s to be used as evidence in court instead of old technology, non-verifiable tapes.
This is unquestionably the way of the future in casino surveillance