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Chuck Colby

Chuck Colby founded Colby Systems Corporation in 1982. He is one of the industry’s prime innovators (Popular Electronics Magazine, June 1997) and has created many “firsts” in the computer and video industries as shown on the website.

He was awarded the top 10-of-the-show for the National Association for Broadcasters show for the first MPEG-1 Digital Video Recorder, the DR-3000, in 1994 and won again in 1996 for the development of the first MPEG-2 Digital Video Recorder, the DR-6000.

Among the many “firsts” was the first portable DOS computer in 1982 and the first Macintosh laptop in 1986.

More information about Chuck can be found on his profile at Digibarn.

Included in this site are many more of the innovative products designed and developed by Chuck.

Chuck Colby,
Colby Systems Corporation